Here are some links to articles in which other people have mentioned my Modern Love essay.

Its quite surreal to have someone write: “As Rachel Pieh Jones says…” I feel like looking around the room and saying, “Who?” I don’t say anything. I just tell stories. But I guess those stories have meaning and stir emotions and if I want to write and be published, I have to be okay with that, and all the goods and bads that come with it.

The Huffington Post; Monica Gallagher

Echo Pilot


Days of Wonder and Grace

Somaliland Times

Here’s one funny comment I found:
Ok, this woman was crazy. To find oneself pregnant in such a medically bereft area is one thing, but to become pregnant b/c your 5 year old twins stop holding your hand? I was still holding Xavier’s hand when he was 10, he didn’t really have an option in the matter ;o) To risk her health in such a way when she had a husband and small children because she needed a ‘baby fix’ smacks of irresponsibility. Grrr. 

Does this woman seriously believe that was the only reason I decided to have a baby? Creative license, lady. And, the story would have been quite boring if I had simply listed all the whens and whys of deciding to have a baby at that time. Also does she know that women find themselves pregnant in medically bereft 
places every single day?

I wasn’t upset about this, thought it more funny than anything. But now I know, on an extremely small scale, why most authors ignore the critics.