Many of you already know that last Wednesday I received an offer of representation from a literary agent in New York. I called her on Thursday to accept the offer.

This is how I’m saying it:

But this is how I’m feeling it:

I put periods at the end of those sentences, but in my mind, I am writing them with big, HUGE exclamation points. (by the way, that is me and baby God. Remember him?)

And now the work begins. Well, it was already work to write the book and find the agent, but now I have work to do that is sort of ‘on deadline.’

This means that when someone wants to interrupt my work time, I can say that I’m working and they will (maybe) respect that and give me the quiet and space I crave. Or not, because they are my kids or my parents or my husband. This means I can take myself and my writing seriously, or rather, that I have to now.

The working title of the book is Pillars and it is about our time in Djibouti and Somalia. I’ll be telling you more about it in the weeks to come. What I need to focus on now is: putting together a proposal for my agent to use in selling the book to an editor at a publishing house and continuing to build my marketing potential by *gulp* getting on Twitter and getting more involved online.

Any tips from you social media experts?