How to be a slacker:

  1. P90X. I love a sweaty workout with Tony Horton, who is a mega dork on the DVDs but so am I in general and we get along fine. I improvise since I can still only do two pull-ups.
  2. Eat handfuls of dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s. Or gumdrops or Twizzlers or popcorn. Anything small and munchable that I can reach for while staring at my Mac. 
  3. Watch Downton Abbey and episodes of any other show I might have missed over the last decade in Africa. 
  4. Blog. Write blog posts which is sort of like working on the book, right? Read other blogs (reminder to self: comparison is the thief of joy)
  5. Make shopping lists. Think about all the things I need to pack into suitcases and all the things that won’t fit. Think about all the things I’d like to bring back and all the things I can’t afford. Think about how things don’t matter and how happy I am to be going to one home after a happy year here in another home.
Henry fell asleep but Maggie is just faking. We got no help on this four-seater bike in Dubai from them. Slackers.
What do you do instead of doing what you are supposed to do?