Yesterday I wrote about the possibility of (and my foray into exploring) less shoe being more shoe, or better shoe.

Not only is this an on-going debate in the running world, it seems 100% contradictory to what I see in current American culture. Here, in the land of plenty, less is never more. Forgive me, but I am going to take a little dip into one of my culture shock frustrations of this past year, and am going to make generalizations about it.

Tom and I went to a movie and they showed previews before the previews. You know, commercials specialized for before movies? One in particular horrified us. I can’t remember it exactly, so I’ll recap in my own words.

A man hands a boy a vanilla ice cream cone. The boy says, “And…?” The man adds sprinkles, hot fudge, and whip cream. The boy happily licks his treat.

A young man is offered a good job. The man says, “And…?” The interviewer gives him stock options, a corner office with a window, a month of paid vacation, and a major signing bonus. The man happily accepts the job.

A man spots the sexy butt of a woman wearing blue jeans. The man says, “And…?” The woman turns around and is gorgeous. They happily hop into bed together.

A man drinks a Coke. The man says, “And…?” The Coke turns into Coke Lite. The man is happy.

My jaw dropped and I turned to Tom and said, “What?!”

Are you kidding me? This is seriously the country we are from? The country we came back to? America has become a country where vanilla ice cream isn’t accepted with gratitude, simply getting a job isn’t good enough, a woman is a piece of meat and a man is entitled to have sex with her. And everyone has the right to, can, and should enjoy Coke without getting fat.

Greed, entitlement, my rights, what I deserve…these words don’t bode well for the future of our nation, for the future of our children. There is something wrong in a country where if you can’t afford the latest iPhone, a flat screen television, eating out at restaurants more than at home, or buying a new wardrobe every year, people believe they are suffering. I read about women declaring $350 hair salon trips every six weeks a necessity, that Botox and boob jobs are rights and required for every woman. I hear about people who think going on a road trip to Yellowstone National Park instead of an airplane trip to Europe means they are poor, that they deserve something better.

 Is more really more? Or how do you make less into more?