A lot has happened since my last post, so these next few are a bit lagging in actual time. We are now in Djibouti but this is what life was like in Kenya.

Here are some of the things that happen in a transition country between international moves.

1. No phone usage, not even to call your children.
2. Long, long days before you are able to send an email to let people know you arrived.
3. No driving ability so you walk, which is nice.
4. No language ability, but that’s okay, you are moving on soon.
5. Jetlag. This is not okay and you drink more coffee than anyone ever should.
6. Digging through suitcases to find the toothpaste and crying because though now you have clean teeth, you also have to repack that stupid suitcase that you hadn’t intended on opening at all while in this transition country.
7. Realizing you forgot to pack underwear for the family in the ‘easy to access’ suitcase and so you dig through a second suitcase and lose your temper and threaten to make everyone where the same pair of underwear for five days.
8. Same thing for socks so your husband washes them all in the shower. A great man.
9. Crying again because you think you forgot your computer cord and then you find it and cry even harder.
10. Packing, again, all the liquids and clothes and toys that have exploded, again, so that you can move, again.

Anyone out there enjoy packing?