As you can (hopefully) see, Djibouti Jones has moved to WordPress.

While I did the moving and techy stuff (with way too much help from WordPress and Dreamhoster and Google and anyone I could find in Djibouti with internet savvy), I could not have prettified the blog myself. I like words. I like visual art too, but can not create it. So I enlisted help.

And help came through. The fabulous Jessica Jones of the blog How About Orange and of Comstock Hall at the University of Minnesota and of the same last name as me and of creative powers I can only dream of, put in the work of turning the blog into a lovely, peaceful reflection of Djibouti and of my life and of my writing.

Here was the first blog. Back when I blogged under, the blog my sister set up and that got things rolling. Slowly. Awkwardly. A long time ago. Here’s one of the more popular posts, to my sweaty shame: Butt Sweat.


This was blog number two, when I switched to my own domain name, but stayed at Blogger. Here is one of the most popular posts, which you will now only be able to view in WordPress. Hijab and Bikinis: Sexy, Oppressive, Modest?

One negative is that I somehow lost all post rankings and stats, so great posts like this one about whether or not I’m in love with Africa, or that goodie about hijabs and bikinis, won’t show up as popular posts unless you visit them again.

And now to check out Jessica’s handi-work, simply look around this site to see the after. Any awkward spacing of photos and paragraphs is entirely my fault and due to the transfer process and my inability and unwillingness to go back through over 180 posts to individually fix them. Maybe I will. When I have hours of spare time, fast internet, and nothing more interesting to do. So maybe I won’t.

Yes, to anyone who is wondering, my kids are home, the house is filled with shoes and dirty laundry and piles of Legos and heaps of American Girl doll dresses and crusty cereal bowls. There are Nerf bullets around the yard. Life is good. More about that later.

What d’ya think? I’m always open to suggestions, not always able to implement them.