Later this week I’ll share some of my favorite posts from the blog, but for today I’ll link you to some of my articles that have received wonderful feedback. Thanks for reading all year and for encouraging me to press on!

God, Giver of Harmonicas, a top 12 post at SheLoves

Are You Mom Enough? a top 25 post at Desiring God

A Gift from Allah, in the New York Times

The View from Djibouti, at EthnoTraveler

Why I Will Not Say, “I Never Made a Sacrifice,” at A Life Overseas

What I love about these posts, beyond writing them and hearing how they have touched people, is how they have each contributed to my ongoing growth as a writer and to my sense of being part of a writing community, though physically isolated.

I am working on writing better descriptions and focusing on place through ET. I’m learning how to write for a more faith-based audience at DG. I’m challenged to think deeper at SheLoves and to write honestly, goods and bads, at A Life Overseas. I see the need to be relentless in self-editing and to aim higher than I thought possible from the NYT. I have engaged with readers and writers from around the world through the blog, the cookbook, these essays and others.

on the writing road

on the writing road

I am now able to contribute on a regular basis to Desiring God, SheLoves, A Life Overseas, and EthnoTraveler. And because of the New York Times, I have a literary agent. It was quite the writing year and I’m looking forward to more blogging, more essays, and more work on the book in 2013.

How did you move forward with your dreams, or not, in 2012?