A writerly question today.


Djiboutilicious for sale at Discorama, downtown Djibouti. Some titles are simply too much fun to toss out.

How do you feel about chapter titles in books? Do you prefer numbers or actual titles? Do you pay any attention to them? Do they bother you? Inspire you? Do you feel differently about chapter titles based on the genre?

At this point my book proposal has chapter titles. Initially I found this helpful. Organizationally it helps me keep track of the chapters, especially as I continue to rearrange. Also in the beginning the titles helped me narrow down the focus of each chapter.

However, now as the proposal is (hopefully) nearing the finished point, nearing (slowly) the ready-to-sell to a publishing house point, I find the chapter titles annoying and inhibitive and rather cloying, bloggish.

To title or not to title? Would love your thoughts.