Looking into 2013 I feel overwhelmed. I seem completely unable to write for this blog, on the book, for the websites I contribute to. So there have been a few days of blogging silence to usher in the New Year.

It could be coming down from the sugar high of the holidays. Or still recovering from camping three nights on the beach. Or sending the kids back to Kenya for school. Or the disappointing realization that, yet again, we have reached the coldest days of the year and are beginning the not-slow-enough creep back up to misery and sweat. It could be that I know, deep down, I need to take a step back from the internet. This has been a lonely season and it is far too easy to turn to social media and friends I know only by name or avatar to conjure up feelings of community.

So instead of writing anything new, I’m going to do like so many other bloggers and write up a list of some of my favorite posts, or the most commented-on posts, or the most viewed posts. In no particular order:

  1. Hijab and Bikinis: Sexy, Oppressive, Modest?
  2. To Get an Agent
  3. The Hill of Tears
  4. Freedom of Speech and Sanctity of Religion
  5. July Fourth, an Expat’s Perspective
  6. Let’s Talk about Heat
  7. I Am Angry Too
  8. Hunger Games
  9. Fifty Shades, for Muslims and Christians
  10. 10 Ways to Know You Live in a First-World Country

When I look over this list I don’t actually see the best posts. I see posts that capture 2012 for me. Scoring a literary agent. Sending the kids to boarding school. Moving between two vastly different countries. Good books and terrible books. Political events and religious convictions both of which became personal.


Happy 2013, thanks for being part of this journey. May the new year bring more adventures and beauty in the desert and mountain summits.