Djibouti is not a country known for its cuisine nor for its cookbooks. Some of the more fun food bloggers write about cooking around the world and spend a day featuring a country.

Their hunt for Djiboutian dishes sometimes leads them to my blog and of course, Djiboutilicious.

Last Friday Travel By Stove devoted the day to Djibouti. Becki and I had difficulty getting the actual cookbook into her hands but I was happy to share some photos and recipes with her.

She did a beautiful job photographing the process and the food and, for the most part, they enjoyed it.


Her pictures are better than mine, be sure to check them out

Check out her post at Travel By Stove.

The Global Table Adventure also used Djibouti Jones for her recipes and photos.

Favorite Djiboutian dishes? Ever had Djiboutian food at all?

In other Djibouti Jones news, BonBonBreak is featuring my 3 Types of Expatriates post today. The expat post and Hijab and Bikinis: Sexy, Modest, Oppressive? are far and away the most popular. Thanks to all for reading and commenting and linking, that’s how places like BonBonBreak find Djibouti Jones and decide to feature the writing! It would be fabulous if you’d head over there and comment/like/pin/tweet.