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Practicing body parts

Practicing body parts

I posted a note on Facebook about a language lesson and received this comment, “Are you still studying language? I thought you’d be fluent by now.”


It has been more than a decade. What’s my problem?

I can make a list of excuses. I speak two, sometimes three languages. I had two-year old twins when we arrived and added another baby. My family endured an emergency evacuation, searing conflict, work crises…I could say this particular language is just plain too hard: there are few textbooks, the two that exist are error-filled and not my dialect. The written form is young and still working out spelling kinks. Or I could say I’m stupid or I’m not a language person. Or I haven’t worked hard.

In other words, I could blame language difficulty on situations, the language itself, or my failings.

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Anyone want to marry my husband? Eat the toilet? Plant corn seed in the liver? Am I tired or am I giving birth? Do I want garlic or tuna fish on my salad? Please put the ground beef in the air conditioner. Did I ask about washing before prayers or about the F-bomb?

And so it goes.