I’ll post this week’s Let’s Talk About Hijab later in the week. Today I’m going to send you to another blog where I’m guest posting.

Love Is What You Do, is the fabulous blog by J.R. Goudeau. The post is part of her series, Questions of Travel, in which writers think and talk about issues poverty and justice…

Contributing to Relational Poverty

My language helper…

Before she worked for me:

One day her son fell into the open, coal-burning fire pit and burned his hand. Neighbors heard the screams, ran for help, and within minutes the boy was in a car zooming toward the Djiboutian hospital. Someone paid the entrance fee. Someone else paid the taxi. Someone else brought meals while he healed. Someone else watched the other children. Someone else covered her hours mopping in the Minister for Sports’ office…

After she started working for me:

Her uncle died and the family needed money for the burial. “Get it from your American friend,” her brother said.

That same brother owed money to a Kenyan. “Get it from your American friend,” he said.

Her son fell off a wall at school and needed stitches. “Get the money from your American friend,” her neighbors said.

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