Y’all need to run out right now and buy April’s Brain, Child magazine. Okay, not really. But that would be cool. You could read it before me, I probably won’t see the article for another few months.

April’s magazine has my story, “What Color is a President?” which is about my kids’ reaction to the election of President Obama. And dude, “What Color is a President?” is on the cover.

billboard near the port of Ismail Omar Guelleh, Djibouti's president

Old billboard near the port. Ismail Omar Guelleh, Djibouti’s president

Brain, Child has been called The New Yorker of mom writing, which is, like totally super cool. Do people who get published in Brain, Child or The New Yorker write things like: like totally super cool? Or dude? Probably not. Oh well, I’m not there yet. I’m still in the excitable stage, the “I am a writer but I don’t wear all black or live in New York or get high for ideas stage.” Its a decent place to be because I finally have the writerly confidence to admit, out loud, that I am a writer but I don’t need to sharpen my cool-taking-it-all-in-stride exterior. I can feel excited and honored and I can tell you that I feel excited and honored.

There will be a FamilyFun article this spring too but I’m not sure which month. After that there will be a dry spell because, other than my usual haunts of SheLoves, EthnoTraveler, and A Life Overseas, I’ve got an inbox full of rejections and an outbox I haven’t used often enough lately – meaning I haven’t sent much out to be accepted or rejected. Busy with the Djibouti Post and family and Djibouti living.

There are a few points to this post. One – you need to buy that magazine. And two – I got published in Brain, Child and in FamilyFun and I still get loads of rejections. Can’t let them get me down.

Carry on, that’s what I’ll say.

And go get that magazine, that’s another thing that I’ll say.

And I’ll ask you, how do you handle success or rejection?