Last week this post was up at SheLoves and I forgot to tell you about it. You may have already seen it, but if not, I’ll give you a preview: I’m afraid of flying. I fly a lot. I’m learning to cope.

What do I do when I think the plane is going down? I look around to make sure none of the flight attendants are panicking and then I grab the armrests and whisper, “Jesus” until the terror passes.

Fear of Flying

“In the rattling chaos of exertion, I can’t hear Jesus.”

Fear of flying

Sometimes in my faith journey these moments arrive when all the working and the accelerating vanishes and the bottom drops out and I’m sure this whole thing is going down. But it is in precisely those moments, when I enter silence and begin to rest, that I become aware of nudges I wouldn’t have noticed with my foot on the accelerator…read more Fear of Flying at SheLoves.

Anyone else afraid to fly? What do you do?