Today I have an article at Christianity Today and I’m kinda scared about it. Which is interesting because the working title was: Why I Am Afraid of American Christians.

To find out why, you’ll have to read the article. But I’ll give you a hint. I’m scared of some American Christians and it isn’t because they wear funky kids’ science toys on their heads.


The article looks at the current trends of using intentional purchases (fair trade coffee, etc) to fight injustice worldwide, from the perspective of someone (me) who has spent more than a decade living overseas, working toward development and human dignity in the Horn of Africa. It quotes my fantastic brother-in-law, who has worked to fight sex trafficking in Portland. And it challenges people to think deeper about our choices, to move beyond using our purchasing power and toward using our lives and getting involved with people in relationship, taking risks.

I’m afraid people will be offended or get mad. I am a people-pleaser and would like for everyone I ever interact with to be happy and to like what I do/say/give/whatever. But…well…there it is. I have a lot to learn, which I hope comes across in the essay and I look forward to learning from you because overwhelmingly, you challenge me to think better, to not be complacent, and you handle my messy process with grace.

I’d love for you to head over to the newly titled: “You Can’t Buy Your Way to Social Justice: Why the activism of some fellow Americans scares me.”and join the conversation.