Today I am over at A Life Overseas with The Introverted Expat. Are you an introvert? Married to one? Work with one? Introverts seem to be getting more attention these days, which probably makes us uncomfortable because we’re, well, introverts. What about the introverted expat?


The Introverted Expat

I don’t like change. I don’t thrive in new situations. I don’t get excited about meeting new people. I am oversensitive to noise and smell and touch. Places like airports and airplanes and developing world markets make me feel lightheaded and induce extra trips to bathrooms, if there are any. I am not good at surface conversation and at parties I prefer to find one or two people, settle onto a furesh (a long, low Somali cushion), and talk about the things that make us cry, or make us laugh, or make us furious, in other words the deep waters of our souls…

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