too much information?

too much information?

Quick link: Today’s post is at Babble Voices. What Hannah Anderson Helps Me Teach My Teens About Over-Sharing Online.

I struggle to keep up with American news, we don’t have television and the internet is too slow and expensive to bother loading videos often. Or maybe I’m just not interested in the Kardashians, there are other news stories that seem more pressing. Like Egypt. Or Syria.

However, I can’t avoid headlines that pop up repeatedly and address an area I’m thinking about. So when CNN had an opinion piece about online over-sharing and teenagers, I read it. It was about this girl, this Hannah Anderson, and I had to ask myself, “Who?”

I know, I’m terribly out of touch. With some things. I don’t feel too bad about it. Sometimes it is a relief. Anyway…

The article was actually quite interesting and sent me on an internet search of why people do so much sharing online and what do I need to know about it as my teens get on Facebook and join the scrum of voices and opinions and conversations. I’m a writer, I share, so I also wondered if I over-share.

All this led to a piece on Babble Voices. I highlight four areas that seem pretty essential to my parenting in this digital age that her story brought up for me: Support, Listening, Anxiety-Reduction, and Identity.

Click here to read more: What Hannah Anderson Helps Me Teach My Teens About Over-Sharing Online.