Today I posted at Babble Voices: When All the Expat Moms and Kids Leave.

Expats in Djibouti talk about leaving in the summer months as a requirement. For some, it actually is required by their organization or company. I can see why. Temperatures over 120, swirling dust storms, the slowing down of work life, the few places to play are closed down, the library closes down. There’s pretty much nothing to do.


Things are improving, we’ve had fewer power cuts and fuller grocery stores. However we still had eight days of empty ATMs (which didn’t even exist a few years ago) and a few times of no gas at the petrol station and a few empty grocery aisles or market stalls.

Still, people flee. Not just the expats, either. Locals take off too.

Other than the weeks Tom and Lucy spent in MN, this summer we stayed.

It was probably the best thing we could have done for our family. Find out why and how we are passing the days at Babble Voices, Into Africa: When All the Expat Moms and Kids Leave.

Would love to hear your take on the summer expat exodus.