Last Friday I posted at SheLoves and didn’t get the chance to share it with you. If you haven’t already ready the piece, here you go: The Heritage of Our Stories, on why generational stories matter and what Joan Didion might have meant when she said:

We tell stories in order to live.

In an age when stories and lives can be reduced to Facebook updates, 140-character sound bytes, and even 800-word blog posts, I believe it is even more important to share the in-depth stories of my heritage with my children. To remind them, and me, of those who went before us and have been part of shaping us, though they had no social media accounts to ‘validate’ their existence.


These people (even if they can’t smile for a photograph) bear the stories that connect these people:


If you know about Lake Sixteen or if you have stories your family tells over and over, louder and louder, less and less *ahem* accurately each time, you will find your own experience in this piece.

Go here to read The Heritage of Our Stories.