Quick link: Back to School, Internationally

Today I am writing over at A Life Overseas about going back to school and since I just returned from dropping Lucy off for her first day of third grade and the twins start in Kenya today in eighth grade, this feels quite appropriate. The piece is quick and light for those of us in the busy, chaotic, and often emotional season of returning to our plethora of school options.

Educational choices are fraught with complexities as this controversial piece on Slate (and the comment section) demonstrates. Those complexities are often amplified when living outside one’s host country.

Back to School, Internationally asks one simple question: how do you choose to educate your children?

Maybe in the future there will be conversations about the hows and the whys, but for today, just one simple what.

back to school2

Here is a brief excerpt:

Growing up in suburban Minneapolis, every first day of school was essentially the same. I knew the school, the teachers, the students. The school supplies in my backpack, all from Target, were familiar and reliable. I knew the date of the first day and it never changed at the last minute. I knew I would vomit, or at least feel sick, the day before, that combination of dread and excitement too much to handle with poise for a timid introvert.

Read the rest here: Back to School, Internationally.