Quick link, post at Babble Voices: Moving Toward Brokenness

Here is the premise of the piece:

In August, 2013 Julia and Ena Hewitt, white South Africans, moved with their two daughters Julia (4) and Jessica (2) into Mamelodi, a black township. They spent one month living in a 100-square-foot shack without electricity, using the communal water tap and a pit toilet. The family was featured in a recent New York Times piece Trading Privelege for Privation and their story has stirred up both criticism and praise.

Some people wished their shack would burn down. Some people thought they were crazy. Some people thought they were courageous. The story has drawn passionate words from all over the globe.

Want to hear about their month, about the negative and positive responses? Want to know what I think? Head over to Babble. Essays like these are challenging to write and they are some of the ones in which I most value hearing your thoughts, so we can encourage and sharpen one another. I most definitely don’t have these race, economic, love things figured out.


Read the essay Moving Toward Brokenness here.