Quick Link: Creativity in the Big and the Little

I don’t feel like a creative person. My husband designed, measured, and sewed seat covers for our car. My 8-year old sewed pajama pants and my 13-year old (when she was 11) designed and sewed a stunning dress for my sister’s anniversary. My son creates intricate battles based on the colors and sizes of beads, Legos, and plastic army guys. So what does it mean to be a writer who feels decidedly uncreative?


Today I am writing at SheLoves about creativity:

I don’t see myself as creative. I know writing is categorized under the creative arts but I feel more like I reflect, like I illuminate what is already there than like I am creating something when I write. But as I thought about this word and agonized over this post, I realized that I am creative. But I have a few hang-ups. First, I want to create big things that are hard to see, hard to label, slow to develop. And so the work of creating them often feels as though it is performed in vain. And second, I fail to see the everyday acts I engage in as what they truly are – creative.

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