Quick link: Soldiers on the Dollhouse

Yesterday I had an article published by EthnoTraveler, a reflection on my visits to Kenya over the past few years. After Obama was elected president, after post-election violence, after a nervously peaceful election, after the airport burned down, and after the Westgate shopping mall terror attack.

nairobi skyline

I don’t know Kenya or Kenyans as well as I know Djibouti and Somalis, but I have a few friends there, have learned and seen a few things. So I’ll admit there are generalities in the piece but it is an honest picture of what I gather from taxi drivers and shopkeepers, maids, teachers, expatriates, coaches.

The piece also, subtly, looks at how children are affected by life in places of guns and violence.

Anyone else talk with their 8-year old this week about what they would do if a ‘bad guy’ came around?

Read Soldiers on the Dollhouse at EthnoTraveler here.


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