Quick link: An International Thanksgiving, Celebrating the American Holiday in Djibouti

It is a bit funny to me that almost all the posts I had drafted for this week are about Thanksgiving and being thankful. After the computer died, I am practicing thankfulness and it is good.

thanksgiving in djibouti

Today I’m over at Babble Voices with a Story book about what Thanksgiving looks like in Djibouti and about the stripping and freeing feeling expats experience when attempting to create holiday traditions in new countries.

Thanksgiving used to sound like football (the American version) and the ‘oof’ of being knocked into the snow or dirt by cousins bigger than me but now it sounds like the crack of a baseball bat against ball. Thanksgiving used to smell like mashed potatoes and turkey but now it sometimes smells like kebabs or Chinese food or turkey. Thanksgiving used to be a school day for our kids, until the school schedule was changed and now Thursdays are the start of the weekend…

Click here to see what else is different about our Thanksgiving holiday in Djibouti.