Quick link: 10 Ways Life in Djibouti Will Change You

Today I’m participating in a week-long contest at Expatsblog and would love it if you’d join me there. Expatriate bloggers around the world have written Top 10 posts about their host nations. Winners will be chosen based on the number of quality comments. Comments like: great job! and good post! won’t be counted. Also, first time commenters will need to register.

The top winners will be chosen based on the number of comments total for that country shared among all bloggers from there so, since I am the sole blogger from Djibouti I have no expectations of winning the top prize ($1,200 at Amazon). But I’d still love for you to participate, maybe find another blogger you enjoy and would like to encourage. Other prizes will be awarded for Facebook likes and Tweets and quality of the post, etc.

My top 10 list, which can’t be posted here but must read in its entirety on the site, is about ways Djibouti has changed me, about ways life in any nation will externally and fundamentally change expatriates.

Have you been changed by living abroad? For the better or the worse? Are you even aware of being changed or have others pointed things out to you?


Click here to read and comment (all week long): 10 Ways Life in Djibouti Will Change You