Quick Link: 11 Survival Tips for When Mom Travels

I travel more than I thought I would, more than many of my peers in the US and here in Djibouti. I have three kids and a working husband so what does the family do when I’m gone? Amazingly, they do just fine. Apparently dad can do a pretty darn good job. Sometimes it feels like the rule in Djibouti is:

  • when dad travels everything breaks (water pumps, car tires, toilets, doors fall off, electrical outlets shock)
  • when mom travels people get sick (chicken pox, fevers, strep throat)

Guess what? I learn how to change a tire or call a plumber or prop up a door and the family heals and survives.


Is there any doubt that this man can handle things? Nope.

We have come up with some tips that help though and you can read them all at Babble Voices. Preview: I never freeze meals and I never stock the fridge.

Click here to read 11 Survival Tips for When Mom Travels