Quick Link: I Want More Than Comfort For You

I am starting 2014 with a post at SheLoves about hope and what I am hoping for me and for you this year. It isn’t what you might think.


I wrote about hope last January, too: The Freedom of Hope

We are singing off the shackles, bringing in light, we are calling forth freedom.

In the singing I feel the word.


Hope that one day we will be free from these spectacular griefs, hope that one day the shackles will disintegrate into trampled dust beneath dancing feet.

I reread that essay this morning, through tears, as the memories of that season filled me, and as the realization of all that God did in the painful circumstances that prompted it took my breath away. Not every story ended with joy, not every story is ended yet. But every story has seen God’s hand in it and as I look back and am reminded, I know that I can look forward and have hope.

As you read this I am on the airplane (again), this time back to Djibouti. I fly through Kenya where I will leave our teenagers at boarding school.

He has been faithful, he will be faithful.

Even through pain.

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May 2014 be a year you sense God is with you, a year you feel free to hope with wild extravagance.

the photo is a stain glass piece my late grandfather made, hanging on my mom’s dining room window. He had Parkinson’s and a deep, abiding hope fixed on heaven.