travelQuick link: International Traveler in the Domestic Terminal

Today I’m writing at Babble about that oh-so-special stench of the international traveler, the tears, the children drooling into airport carpets, the excitement (or horror) about McDonalds, and how these separate the international traveler from the domestic traveler.

When you are the international traveler in the domestic terminal, you look and smell really bad. Do everyone a favor and just keep your shoes on, don’t raise your arms too high. Lotion or perfume might help mask it, but remember, it is a thin veneer. Everyone else has just come from home or one other connection. You left home twenty-nine hours ago and have already endured three, four, or five airports.

Your kids are screaming or quietly sobbing or simply babbling nonsense. They are laying on the floor, sleeping and drooling. Or they cheer when you walk by a McDonalds. You are not concerned about the dirty floor, it isn’t as dirty as the last airport floor on which they spread out.

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