run your own race1Quick link: 10 Tips for Planning Your Own Race

Today at Babble I’m writing about the 10 things I’ve learned for how to plan and host your own race. The half-marathon I’m kept out of is happening again this afternoon. I’m sure there will be women in it, somehow a few French women manage to get their names on a list without being found out as females. But I have simply stopped trying. But I haven’t stopped running my own races and am currently training for a sub 25:00 5k, which would be my fastest ever. In a test race on Thursday, I did 25:10 and have four weeks of training left so I’m feeling confident. Though the mercury is rising and by the time I race it will probably be nearing 100 degrees even in the predawn hours.

Wish me luck, wish the runners this afternoon luck, and head on over to Babble to read my top 10 Tips for Planning Your Own Race.