babyQuick link: Childbirth in America, is there a human rights failure?

Today I’m writing at Babble on a heavy topic: childbirth and human rights. I live between worlds and have empathy for pregnant women in both of those worlds. I have, in fact, been a pregnant woman in both of those worlds. I hope the piece reflects this while at the same time issuing a call for people in the United States to think outside their own experiences when laying claim to phrases like ‘human rights failure.’ There is so much at stake in how we use language and how we treat women.

The article American Childbirth: Human Rights Failure? talks about the fear American women face while pregnant. The author said most of the pregnant women she spoke to are, “scared to death” of childbirth. She wrote about the dire state of labor and birth practices in American hospitals. About the real and terrible statistics of birth in the United States compared to other developed nations as cited by the World Health Organization and Amnesty International.

The same day I read this article I heard stories of four women and three babies here in Djibouti who died in childbirth. Each woman was the relative or friend of close friends of mine…

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