happy middle years1Quick link: The Happy Middle Years

Today I’m writing at Brain Child, not about being the happy middle child (I am considered a middle, I wasn’t always happy) but about the years between baby and teenager. Lucy, age 8, and I, are having a fantastic time in these happy middle years. I know not every kid in this age span is similar, not every parenting experience similar. I’ve had two pass through here before and it wasn’t exactly the same. But for now, parenting is delightful. And that makes it feel dangerous.

For my children, the ages 6-12 have been the ages of ‘no longer’ and ‘not yet.’ No longer in diapers, not yet smoking pot. No longer waking up all night, not yet staying out all night. No longer fed from the breast, not yet developing breasts or obsessed with breasts, depending. No longer sitting backwards in a hard plastic seat beneath layers of car seat buckles, not yet behind the wheel.

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