Quick link: Restored, Restored, Forgiven

Today I’m writing at SheLoves about flourishing and a time in my life when I was not flourishing, when we took a year away from Djibouti back in 2011-2012.


I thought I needed a rest.

My husband was working on his PhD in Comparative International Development Education and we went back to the United States to spend a year. An entire year. Roughly the grand total of our other visits over the last ten years.

They were ten beautiful, inspiring, wrenching, breaking years. Years of language learning and culture stripping, of living in four different countries. Years of emergency evacuations, mass flooding and drownings, thieves and kidnappings, loneliness and disappointment. Years of not knowing how to help, trying and failing, trying and succeeding.

I didn’t (only) need a rest though, there were deeper issues I had to wrestle with. Click here to read Rested, Restored, Forgiven.

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