Quick link: Marriage is the Beautiful Hard

Yesterday I had a post published on Velvet Ashes about marriage and being an expatriate.

Sometimes I wonder what my marriage would look like if we had never moved overseas. We are coming up on fifteen years and all but two and a half of that have been as expatriates. Would we hold hands if we hadn’t moved to a Muslim country? Would we have more couple friends? Would we laugh more? Less? Would we know each other’s sweat spots (and I do mean sweat spots, not sweet spots)? When one of us says: I’m going to Somaliland and might have to fly through Mogadishu and will be gone 5 or 14 or 21 days, would we be able to say, “Okay. Just let me know.” And then would we both know that this is a good response? The things you learn about a person who is jet lagged or culture shocked or culture-shock-jet-lag-weary could seriously tear a relationship apart. And the things you share while walking through countries and loneliness and deep valleys and crazy mountain tops could seriously cement a relationship together.

tomI’ve said it before and I will say it again, I don’t think I could have stayed so long in the Horn of Africa without this specific man by my side (even though he drives me crazy sometimes).

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