Quick link: Is Jesus a Liar

Today I’m writing at A Life Overseas about the foundational convictions I clung to when we moved to Africa. It is a repost, originally published on Relevant.com

Here we are at the airport, leaving. It seems so long ago and not so long ago and I’ve learned some things in the intervening years.


Jesus promised some things and I came to Africa expecting, needing him to fulfill those promises. I thought the promises were that life would be fascinating, challenging (but not quite death-defyingly difficult) and meaningful. I thought I would feel reasonably comfortable and useful, that I would be able to mask my weaknesses. But then things got hard. There was an emergency evacuation, a deadly flood, a car accident, a move to my third country in less than a year. Sick childrenloneliness, futility, oppressive heat. And I started to wonder. Had I misunderstood? Or was Jesus a liar?

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