Quick link: An Allegory of Faithfulness

Today I’m writing at SheLoves about a precious and obscure allegory from the Old Testament book of Ezekiel. This story was impressed upon me about fifteen years ago during a struggle I had with accepting God’s love. I had somehow concluded that he loved men more than women. Through prayer, a vision of a woman wearing all white, and a powerful encounter with truth in his word, my heart started to thaw and my eyes started to open and I was able to glimpse and grasp a mere infinitesimal aspect of the profound love God has for me, as he created me.


It is a tale of grief and restoration, tragedy and redemption. And it is a tale of warning. It is a precious passage of scripture tucked away between woe and condemnation and despair and graphic imagery of donkeys’ sexual organs and sacrificing children. When was the last time you lingered over Ezekiel 16?

It is an allegory of God’s unwavering faithfulness to unfaithful Jerusalem whose people prostituted themselves to false gods. It is also a tale of beauty hidden and revealed, beauty esteemed and abused.

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