Expats, while back in our passport nations we’ve finally figured out how to order coffee and how to drive without honking. We’re sleeping through the night and haven’t had a sixteen-hour movie marathon while locked into a non-reclining seat in weeks. And now, it is time to return home. What’s running through your mind? Here’s a glimpse of mine.


  1. I bought too much stuff. Darn that Target store.
  2. But I won’t be able to buy running shoes for two years.
  3. I forgot to buy peanut butter.
  4. It wouldn’t fit in the suitcases anyway.
  5. The suitcases all weigh 50.0 pounds. I rock.
  6. I forgot to buy birthday presents for the autumn birthdays this year. I suck.
  7. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.
  8. I don’t want to think about how hot it will be while sleeping in my own bed.
  9. When will the Star Trek transporter be developed?
  10. Travel time only 25 hours, hey not too bad this time.
  11. So glad I don’t have to pack diapers anymore.
  12. Wish I hadn’t watched all the coverage of Malaysian flight 370 and MH17 in the Ukraine.
  13. Wish I could stay in Minnesota.
  14. Am glad I’m not staying in Minnesota.
  15. Wish I could see XXXX one more time.
  16. Am glad I got to see XXXX at all.
  17. What kind of money will I need on this trip?

 What are you thinking in those final, countdown days and hours?

*image via Flickr