pink zebra1Quick link: Funny Things Third Culture Kids Say

Today I’m at A Life Overseas with a lighthearted post about the fun things Third Culture Kids say. All kids say funny things, like the time a waiter in Kenya asked my daughter what her favorite safari animal was. She said she didn’t like the zebras.

“Why not?” he asked.

“They weren’t pink,” Lucy said.

The waiter laughed and thought that was so funny he went and searched the restaurant (Carnivore, where for all we knew, we were eating zebra along with the wildebeest and ostrich and crocodile kebabs) for something pink to give her and eventually returned with a red t-shirt from the gift shop.

Amazingly enough, the next day she opened birthday gifts that had been packed weeks earlier and from Grandma, she received a pink zebra shirt.

To read some more fun things or to leave some of your own in the comments, head on over to Funny Things Third Culture Kids Say