Quick link: Caterpillar Soup: the transformation of an expatriate

Today I’m writing over at Dan the Story Man’s website about the painful and forever-changed process of becoming an expatriate. Here’s an excerpt:

butterfly soup

Transformation is beautiful, right? Inspiring, motivating, stunning. Look at the butterfly, purple and golden, translucent blues, intricate designs, the fragile hairs that look like snuggly fuzz. Look at where they came from. Those ugly caterpillars, slouching along tree branches, dull, bland, goofy-looking. How does such a beautiful butterfly come from such a dumpy caterpillar?

Through suffering and destruction.

That’s the part we don’t want to think about. We like the before and after pictures. But what goes on in the middle? That mysterious period when the caterpillar disappears into the cocoon, what is going on in there?

Read the rest, including glory stories about squatty-potties, here: Caterpillar Soup: the transformation of an expatriate.

*image via Pixabay