Quick link: One Mom’s Guide to Faking It ‘Til You Make It in Business Class

Remember that five day flight fiasco that got me back to Djibouti this fall? After I dropped the twins off in Kenya, I boarded the final leg of my journey completely exhausted and pretty emotionally drained (it never gets easier to leave them at school). But I did receive the gift of a seat in business class on that last flight. The ticket was guaranteed instead of stand-by and it was much cheaper than a coach class ticket. Don’t ask me why, I just bought it and got myself home. Finally.

busines class

As we walked through the Nairobi airport before I dropped the kids at school, Henry said, “Well, at least we’ve got a good story to tell.” And what did I do? I told that story. And I wrote about it again for Babble. Here are some of the fun things I learned about how to enjoy business class. Like revealing your newbie status by photographing the food.

I stood in the business class check-in line and felt like an impostor, like the business class police would yank me out of line and send me to the back of the long, snaking, coach class line. When no one came to put me back in my proper place I decided to make the most of this adventure.

Here’s what I learned …

Use the transit lounge.

Use the bathroom, the wi-fi, the comfy chairs. Eat the free food, take up space, pretend you are rich.

Board early.

In Kenya everyone boards early anyway, no sense pretending you didn’t hear that only first class and business class passengers were supposed to board and no sense playing martyr and waiting until the very end and losing your overhead luggage compartment and your spot under the seat in front of you and possibly your actual seat. Board early with confidence, you belong here in the front.

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