Quick link: The Christmas Story, Revisited


Today I’m posting at A Life Overseas a revised version of the essay I first wrote here a year ago about rethinking the Christmas story. If you’ve already read the essay I encourage you to read through the comment thread as people far more knowledgable than I left wisdom and insights there.

I am tired of the Christmas story.

Clarification: I’m tired of the way I keep hearing it and seeing it and reading it. Of course I’m tired of the way consumerism has hijacked this holy day but that’s not what I mean. I mean the typical western religious take on the Christmas story. Living in the developing world, in a place where women give birth at home, in a culture much closer to the culture of Jesus’ location and time in history, has changed the way I read the Bible.

Let’s think about how the story is presented in thousands of movies, children’s pageants, poems, novels, and kid’s books every year:

Joseph is a chump…

Head over to A Life Overseas to read the rest, about how living in the developing world has changed my perspective on the traditional American nativity story I grew up with:

The Christmas Story, Revisited

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