Quick link: Elementary School Love Notes

Today I’m writing at Brain Child about how to handle love notes in elementary school. Lucy seems to get an inordinate amount of love notes. At least compared to how many I got as a kid. Um…zero? Could be that French is the language of love. Could be…who knows.

In second grade a boy gave my daughter an iridescent plastic orange ring. In the last three weeks of third grade she scored three loves notes from boys and a gift of a plastic egg with two rare marbles inside. This year, fourth grade, she has already received multiple love notes including ones surreptitiously passed in the middle of class and one accompanied by the longest loom band necklace she has ever seen.

She gleefully jumps into the car for the drive home and says, “You won’t believe what happened to me today,” and then dissolves into giggles and hands me the notes or shows me the gifts.

love notes

What’s a mom to do? Encourage it? Discourage it? Laugh about it? Get protective about it? Click here to read more about the love note conundrum in elementary school: Elementary School Love Notes

*image via wikimedia