Quick link: 8 Christmas Traditions We’re Skipping This Year

There are somethings I don’t miss about spending Christmas in Africa, away from my home culture. And there is one big thing that I do miss.

Ten of my last 12 Christmases have been spent in a small Muslim country called Djibouti in the Horn of Africa. While there are some pretty obvious downsides to spending the holiday in Djibouti (especially being so far away from family), if I’m being totally honest, there are some upsides, too.

Mainly, it’s the perfect excuse to skip some out on some of the seasonal stuff that I’ve always found a little annoying. For example, tinsel. I’m not sure who invented tinsel but I can’t think of one good thing about it. It’s just a giant mess. It gets in the way of enjoying a Christmas tree, it gets stuck on pets and in hair, and it ends up in blobs either on the tree or clogging the vacuum cleaner.

Here are some more holiday traditions that I’m okay with skipping this year:


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