heart lag welcome backQuick link: Jet Lag and Heart Lag

Come join me at A Life Overseas today for a discussion about the intersection of jet lag and culture shock, something I’ve decided we should call heart lag. I’m always shocked at how shocked I am when I travel to Minnesota or to Djibouti, it goes both ways. I think it is because my heart needs time to catch up, just like my body needs time. In this blog post I write about four factors that contribute to this lag.

It used to upset me but I’m coming to think of it as a chance to see these two words with fresh eyes. The fog of heart lag only tends to last two to three days and in those days I usually come up with some of my freshest observations and descriptions. Then I settle in, get comfortable, and things don’t seem so unusual anymore. The fact that everyone stands in line and stays in line and apologizes if they lightly brush up against you in Minnesota? The fact that in Djibouti I can pull up on the wrong side of the road to a vendor, wind my window down, and order my fruits and veggies for the week and that the vendor and I know each other’s names? Shocking for a few days, then normal and not even interesting any more. Until I travel again.

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