Quick link: Keeping in Touch Long Distance


Our family has learned to be creative in keeping in touch with friends and relatives, mainly because we have awesome grandparents with really cool ideas. Today I’m writing at A Life Overseas about some of these ideas. I wrote about one of them, Family Olympics, a few years ago for Family Fun magazine. They are pretty easily reproducible for families who might want to try one of the ideas. Let me know if you do!

Like pretty much all Life Overseas readers, my kids are growing up 12,290 miles from both sets of grandparents. Their aunts, uncles, and cousins are equally far away. Sometimes my youngest spends a month away from me in order to visit her grandparents. My oldest two attend boarding school. And yet, I think my kids have a pretty close relationship with their immediate and extended family. We’ve worked at it and with a lot of help from innovative and loving grandparents, have discovered creative ways to stay in touch beyond Skype and emails…

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