Quick Link: Expatriate at the Parent Teacher Association Meeting

Here’s a piece I wrote for Brain Child about being the outsider. About the concentric circles of women living in Djibouti and about how I’m learning to weave my way among them.expat parent pta

A warning to new expatriate parents: You will forever remain slightly confused. This became perfectly clear to me at a PTA meeting in Djibouti a few years ago. It wasn’t actually the PTA. But there were parents and there were teachers and they were associating. I conformed the meeting to my own cultural bias and called it the PTA.

French parents arrived ten minutes late. It took me four years of meetings to realize this and I was proud to be among the ten-minute-late-crowd. This was the last decision of the evening I made instinctively and accurately.

Click here to read about my experiences with the PTA that isn’t really the PTA and to find out whether or not I ever felt like I fit it: Expatriate at the Parent Teacher Association Meeting