Another super important running question here…

I run. So I self identity as β€˜runner.’ This bothers my husband and we have argued about it multiple times. I run slowly, I’m not competitive. It isn’t my job. I do run 5 days a week, have entered races, read running magazines, and keep a running log.

He plays soccer 4 times a week, volleyball twice, and basketball once. He plays on organized teams who enter tournaments together, he has played in (and won) championship games, been on local television, and wears a team uniform for some of these events. But he doesn’t self identify as ‘footballer’ or ‘volleyball player.’ He says, “I play basketball.” He doesn’t say, “I am a basketball player.”

We have this debate going on in our house about whether or not I am a runner and about why I don’t just say, “I run.”

What’s the deal?


I’m adamant that I’m a runner. He disagrees. (it is all in good fun, don’t take us too seriously, we certainly don’t)

Where did this come from? I’m curious about why people who run are more likely (and passionate) about claiming their sport whereas others who participate in sports for fun, leisure, and health, don’t.


1. Are you a runner or do you run?

2. Why?

3. Do you play another sport?

4. How do you refer to yourself and that sport?

5. Where did this all come from?