Quick link: 5 Things I Want My Twins to Know

Over at Babble today with some words for my twins. They already know all this stuff, I think. But maybe they don’t. Kids absorb more than I imagine they do sometimes and less than I imagine they do at other times. In either case, now I’ve written it out, at least some of the things I want to tell them. Here’s what I told myself as they were turning thirteen: From a Mother of Teenage Twins to Herself, Thirteen Years Ago and some more fun with twins: Parenting Terms and What They REALLY Mean for Parents of Twins.

Sometimes I don’t really feel like the mother of twins, at least not anymore. When I had twenty+ diapers to change a day and had to carry groceries plus two babies in carseats or a double stroller up to the 22nd floor of our apartment building or had one kid screaming in my arms and one kid screaming and pulling at my leg, I felt it. Oooh boy, I felt it. But now, I feel like a mom. A mom of this particular family. It doesn’t feel so much like ‘being a mom of twins’ or ‘being a mom of Third Culture Kids.‘ It feels like being a mom to these particular three kids, in our particular Jones family way. I love it like that.


When I found out I was pregnant with twins we started telling people right away. I will never forget the responses. They ranged from laughter and joy to blank stares, and one person even said, “I’m sorry. I’ve never known twins who both did well in life.”

Others jumped right in with advice like, Never refer to them as ‘the twins.’ Or invasive questions like, How did you get them? Did you do in vitro? Do you want twins?

Apparently pregnancy, especially a multiple pregnancy, allows people to say whatever they want.

Well, I have some things of my own that I would like to say, but not about twins. Instead, I have things I want to say to my twins.

Read the rest here: 5 Things I Want My Twins to Know

Hey, who else out there has twins? Just curious.