Quick link: The Expatriate and Leadership

Writing over at A Life Overseas today about leadership and some things I’m learning from the example of Moses.


Expatriates are often put into positions of leadership simply by nature of our physical presence or because of a certain number of years survived lived in a place. Sometimes it is because a person is a gifted leader (yes, that link is a shout-out to Marilyn Gardner), sometimes they are a reluctant leader, sometimes it happens organically, and sometimes it is an appointment.

We recently welcomed four new coworkers. I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership and turned to Moses for guidance. Here are a few of the principles I see from his life:

A miraculous encounter with God doesn’t make a person a good leader.

The leaders of the Israelites had a picnic with God. Seventy men, including Moses, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu saw something ‘like a pavement made of sapphire, clear as the sky itself’ under his feet. They ate and drank on the mountain in God’s stunning presence. Less than 40 days later, they led the Israelites into sin by forming a golden calf and bowing down to the idol made of their own jewels and by their own hands….

Come on over to read the rest of the piece and offer some input into your own experiences of leadership The Expatriate and Leadership