Quick link: 22 Ways Teenagers are Basically Super-Sized Toddlers

Saturday Babble published my listicle about how having teenagers sometimes makes me feel like I am back to having toddlers.

Funny thing – the same week I sent this to my editor I heard three comments from parents about the exact things on the list. They compared the eating habits of teens and toddlers, the sleep habits, and one mother said the exact words you’ll find in #16 on the list. I have to say, it felt good to have those confirmations that it wasn’t just my own teenage/toddlers.

teens and toddlers

How are teens like toddlers?

1. Without insane amounts of sleep, they turn into raging monsters.

2. Their stomachs are insatiable black holes.

3. They have funny things on their faces — for toddlers it is that red ring of juice, for teenagers it is acne.

4. They throw tantrums, especially if needs #1 and #2 go unmet.

5. They don’t have anything to wear unless mom washed the pink tutu or the special blue jeans…

Click here to read the 17 other ways (and I know parents could probably list dozens more): 22 Ways Teenagers are Basically Super-Sized Toddlers