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9/11 is a day of national grief and remembrance.

But for us? 9/11 is a day of family celebration and joy.

Because it is Lucy’s birthday.

Celebration 9/11 Baby

Not the same year, she was born in 2005. But the same day. And, as I wrote about for the New York Times, she was born to a Christian family in a Muslim country, with a Somali midwife.

Lucy is our celebration baby and the story of her birth is one of community. The story of her life continues to be one of crossing boundaries.

I wrote about it again, this time for Babble.

I am an American Christian and I live in Djibouti, a predominantly Muslim nation in the Horn of Africa. In 2005, I was pregnant with my third child and my midwives were an Arab woman and a Somali woman, both Muslim.

When I went into labor, the Somali midwife in the hospital, Fardousa, was by my side. My daughter was born in 26 minutes, with two pushes, and the time of birth was 9:27 p.m. She has two middle names and the first is the Somali name Deeqsan. Deeqsan means “gift from Allah.”

Deeqsan was born on September 11.

9/11/2005. In a Muslim country, with the excellent help of a Muslim midwife, to American parents who believe the Bible and who thanked God that she was born healthy and who named her “a gift from Allah.”

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